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About Choosy Kids

Why are we Unique?

Choosy Kids, LLC is uniquely different from other children’s health initiatives because of the following:

  • Our role model and messenger, Choosy.
  • Our contemporary music designed to appeal to children and adults.
  • Our movement vocabulary that serves as the framework for selecting appropriate activities to promote active learning.
  • Our practical suggestions for application to any environment and limited budgets.
  • Our emphasis on early and ample opportunities to stimulate and challenge the sensory, perceptual, and motor development of young children.

What Do We Believe?

Choosy Kids, LLC is a company devoted to promoting healthy, active lifestyles. It was founded on the belief that healthy preferences for food choices and physical activity can be developed early in life. Choosy Kids honors the role that Parents, Early Educators, and Health Providors play in helping children develop healthy preferences.To read statements about our company’s mission, vision, and values, click here.

For more information, Contact us or send a message to… info@choosykids.com


By offering uniquely designed training and educational materials for parents, teachers, and children, Choosy Kids, LLC has become nationally recognized as a leader in the effort to help public health professionals, teachers, and parents prepare young children to avoid the health related consequences of inactivity and poor nutrition choices.

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Meet our Staff

Meet the people who make Choosy Kids happen. Click here to read about our team.

Comments about Choosy Kids

Let us know how we're doing. If you have any Comments or Suggestions for our website please tell us. You can also share your thoughts on the Choosy Blog if there is a discussion you would like to start. The Choosy Blog is open to all and we encourage you to express your thoughts about Choosy and what we do here at Choosy Kids.

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Choosy Testimonials

Choosy is a great character

"My son sits in his car seat waving his little hand back and forth saying he’s a choosy kid. He loves the choosy character. I feel that Choosy is a great character that young children can easily relate to, and look forward to seeing."

Learning about nutrition and exercise

"Identifying with Choosy has helped her to learn more about healthy food choices and has made exercise fun. As a parent I feel that having Choosy to identify with stimulates my child’s imagination and makes learning about nutrition and exercise a fun experience."

The Choosy Way!

"I have twins in the Choosy Kids Club. Between the two of them there are very few days that go by when one of them doesn’t mention doing something “The Choosy Way.” Whenever we have a chance to ride an elevator the boys look around for stairs and tell me the stairs are more “choosy.”

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