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Music Moves Me, La Musica Me Mueve

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  1. Choosy Cha Cha (English)

  2. Choosy Cha Cha (Spanish)

  3. This Is My Body

  4. Este Es Mi Cuerpo

  5. Crave My F.A.V.

  6. Antojos de F.Y.V.

  7. Stir the Soup

  8. Mueve la Sopa

  9. My Heart says Thanks

  10. Mi Corazón dice Gracias

  11. I'm The Boss

  12. ¡Soy El Jefe!

  13. I'm Moving, I'm Learning

  14. Me Muevo y Aprendo

  15. Choosy Says

  16. Choosy Dice

  17. Be Choosy Be Healthy

  18. Sé Choosy, Sé Sano

  19. Choosy Nation

  20. Nación Choosy

  21. Brush My Smile

  22. Cepillo Mis Dientes

Choosy Nation


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  1. Choosy Cha Cha

  2. Choosy Cha Cha (Instrumental)
  3. Be Choosy Outside
  4. Be Choosy Outside (Instrumental)
  5. Brush My Smile
  6. I Move Myself #1
  7. I Move Myself #2
  8. I Move Myself (Instrumental)
  9. When I Move My Parts
  10. When I Move My Parts (Instrumental)
  11. Choosy Nation
  12. Choosy Nation (Instrumental)
  13. Empty Space Club
    I'm The Boss
  14. I'm The Boss (Instrumental)
  15. Oooh Ahhh
  16. I Like To Move

I'm Moving, I'm Learning

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  1. I'm Moving I'm Learning
  2. My Heart Says Thanks
  3. Choosy Hears
  4. Make Me Feel Great #1
  5. Mix it all Up
  6. Mix it all Up your Way
  7. Swing and Sway
  8. I Can Fly
  9. Make Me Feel Great #2
  10. I'm Learning to Move and Choose
  11. Choosy Size Me

This Is My Body

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  1. Crave your F.A.V.
  2. Stir the Soup 1
  3. Stir the Soup 2
  4. March
  5. Gallop
  6. Slide
  7. Sign and Move
  8. It's your Birthday
  9. Celebrate Rap
  10. This is MY Body
  11. Be Choosy Be Healthy
  12. Celebrate

Choosy Kids

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  1. Choosy Kids Club Theme
  2. Like Choosy
  3. Choosy Freeze
  4. Choosy Says
  5. Choosy Says (Instrumental)
  6. Techno (130 beats per minute)
  7. Techno (142 beats per minute)
  8. Do the Choosy
  9. High Five
  10. Jump N Hop
  11. Skipping
  12. Bye Bye

Choosy on TV in Atlanta - Region IV IMIL Launch

July 17, 2007
WGCL-TV, CBS 46, Atlanta Georgia

BUCKHEAD, Ga. -- Head Start administrators from across the South attended a seminar on Tuesday, aimed at fighting childhood obesity. Click the image to watch the live broadcast.

The project I Am Moving, I Am Learning teaches administrators songs they can teach to students back in their home schools.


Say it Loud, We're Moving Now

This video is from the Region IV I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) Training Launch Event in Atlanta, Georgia, August 2007. This was Troy Lynn Lavigne's contribution to help her Region get moving! Troy Lynn is a River Dale classroom teacher with Clayton County Head Start Program near Atlanta, Georgia. She added words to complement the IMIL themes and Region IV enthusiastically responded! IMIL is helping parents, teachers and staff to encourage children to "Be Choosy and Be Healthy" by being more physically active and making healthy nutrition choices.

Meet Choosy

Watch the Meet Choosy video Clip.

Be Choosy Be Healthy(TM)

Watch the Be Choosy, Be Healthy video Clip.

WVU Minute: Games for Health

Watch the WVU Minute: Games for Health Clip.